September 2020 – Chickamauga

Finally the year of the “Chinese Virus” has come to an end. The results of our last Tournament of the 2020 season are in.

Congratulations to Scott Reece our top Angler with 7 Lbs. 12.32 Ozs. and to Lenny Korzonowski our top Co-Angler with 3 Lbs. 10.03 Ozs.

With this being the last Tournament of the year, we would also like to Congratulate our Angler of the Year Robert Burdette and our Co-Angler of the Year Evan Burdette. This was Evans first year of Tournament fishing and he finished 5th overall in our Club rankings. He had a great season in what turned out to be a crazy year. Great job Evan!

We would also like to recognize the other members that round out our Top Six.

  • 1st – Robert Burdette
  • 2nd – Mike Crowe
  • 3rd – Scott Reece
  • 4th – Jeff Oravec
  • 5th – Evan Burdette
  • 6th – Phil Moon

Congrats to our Top Six Members!

Sept 2020 – Chickamauga